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French Valley Property Management Property Managements Services: 

The many and varied duties of a property manager require the skills of a business executive, decorator, salesperson, parking lot attendant, gardener, housekeeper, information center, accountant, banker, doctor, lawyer, social director, psychologist, marriage counselor, baby sitter, bookkeeper, rent collector, maintenance expert, security officer, keeper of the keys, telephone operator, messenger service, and complaint department. The manager must also be soft-spoken, fast-moving, poised, quick-thinking, non-tiring, ever-available, mechanical-minded, all-knowing and never-ailing. This “expert” knows how to visit without visiting, sell without selling, see without judging, hear without repeating - and all without having time for an uninterrupted meal.

The property manager has a dual responsibility: to the owner or client who is interested in the highest return from the property; and to the tenants, who are interested in the best value for their money, including reasonable safety measures and compliance with fair housing laws.

The property manager must promptly rent the property/units at the highest market rent possible, keep operational and other costs within budget, and preserve and enhance the physical value and prestige of the property.


After a thorough analysis, the property manager will prepare a rent schedule that will bring the maximum income obtainable, consistent with good economics. 

A. Leasing Units

Advertise rentals

Answer phone inquiries about vacancies

Show vacant units

Accept rental applications

Run credit checks

Select tenants

Accept initial rents and deposits

Negotiate rental leases

Sign leases and sign property condition checklist

Give required disclosure forms

Offer residents optional upgrades and payment plans

B. Property Turnover

Inspect unit upon tenant move-in

Conduct anniversary meetings and send thank you letters

Inspect unit upon tenant move-out

Supervise general cleaning of unit upon tenant move-out

Supervise cleaning of floors, carpets and rugs

Paint walls, baseboards, ceilings, lights and built-in shelves

Order the cleaning of kitchen cabinets, countertops, sinks, stove, oven and refrigerator

Order the cleaning of bathtubs, showers, toilets and plumbing fixtures

Order the repair of doors, windows, window coverings, and mini-blinds

C. Rent Collection

Collect rents when due

Promote and establish auto draft and electronic payment accounts

Sign and send rent receipts

Maintain rent-collection records

Collect late rents and charges

Inform Owner of late rents

Prepare late rent notices

Serve late rent, pay or quit, and unlawful detainer notices

Serve rent increase and tenancy termination notices

Deposit rent collections in bank

D. Maintenance

Conduct monthly drive-by inspections

Conduct semiannual interior inspections

Provide monthly report of maintenance, repairs, and utility expenses to Owner

Give rental violation notices when applicable

Order the cleaning of hallways and entryways and other common areas

Replace light bulbs in common areas

Drain water heaters

Order the cleaning of stairs, decks, patios, façades and sidewalks

Order the cleaning of garage oils on pavement

Lawn care, trim bushes and rake leaves

Order the cleaning of garbage and debris on grounds

E. Repairs (arranging for repairs for the following issues)

Accept tenant complaints and repair requests

Inform Owner of maintenance and repair needs

Categorize and maintain written log of tenant complaints

Plumbing stoppages

Garbage disposal stoppages/repairs

Faucet leaks/washer replacement

Toilet repairs

Stove burners/hinges/knobs repair or replacement

Appliance repair

Light switch and outlet repair/replacement

Heater thermostat repair

Window repair/replacement

Painting (interior/exterior)

Key replacement

Handle all other routine maintenance and repairs

Coordinate repairs with contractors if needed (with owner approval for jobs more than $200 )

Other: Owner approval for all repairs available upon request.


F. Other Responsibilities

Provide his/her phone number to tenants as an emergency contact number.. Within reason, Manager should be able to respond at any time to an emergency.

Meet or call Owner weekly (or monthly) to consult on the job priorities and give updated reports on status of residents and management priorities.

Submit weekly/monthly time sheets to Owner detailing activities, materials purchased and receipts.

Manager will do yearly property checks, and monthly property drive by.

Additional responsibilities:upon request.
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